Bocas del Toro


bocas3Bocas “town” is on Isla Colon, the main island of the Bocas del Toro archipelago. This island studded paradise graces Panama´s Caribbean Coast. bocas4Once a prosperous center of the banana industry, the area abounds with relics of the past. Although Spanish is the official language, English is widely spoken.

bocas5Bocas del Toro features unspoiled beaches, rugged mountains and some of the best coral reefs in the Western Hemisphere. Bocas is a great sampling of the Caribbean lifestyle, a great place to enjoy a wonderful variety of seafood and dance the night away to homegrown calypso music.

Bocas only has about 10 miles of roads and very few vehicles to travel them. But don’t worry, island taxis will take you anywhere you need to go in town for only 60 cents. And if a car can’t get you to your destination, there is no shortage of boats available for hire. These guided boats will take you to deserted islands, coral reefs or wherever you choose.